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Explain the concept to us?

It’s about giving a real Karate class on line on a specialized platform, Uventex, which is a bit of a Skype for conferences. We can have 100 or 200 people connected at the same time.

So the project is to do a normal 2 hours class. I will give the technical explanations, show the technique so that connected people can reproduce it. I want it to be an interactive class. The goal is for them to see and practice the exercises at the same time.

We invite as many people as possible to show their support for the Karate community during this period of containment. It is also believed that young people need to move around a bit. Now is not the time to think it is an extended vacation.

What will be the content of the class on Sunday?

We are going to do a general class, of medium level. The audience should be very large. What we want is many people. We want karate for everyone. The idea is to show a certain solidarity. We will do warm-ups, basic techniques, a little fighting techniques and a little muscle building.

What is the procedure to participate?

First, you need to install the zoom program, which is an application for making conferences. It is not compulsory but it is better. You can download it via phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Then you have to register on platform. And be in good shape Sunday 29 at 2 PM (Paris time), 1 PM (London) and 9 AM (New York).

A concept that you intend to repeat in the future?

First, I want to test it, see if it works well. If this is the case, in the future, I plan to do more specific sessions, involve other people than me, or give seminars with several teachers.

The advantage of this platform is that you can be several teachers in front of a hundred students, for example. In one click, you go from one teacher to another to give the exercises.

It could allow clubs to do their activities and earn a little something for their class. For this, they can contact me by private messaging. At first, we do it for free. Adidas is sponsoring the event completely.