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She did it ! At home, in front of her audience. At the age of 27, Bianca Walkden became the first woman to win 3 world championship titles in a row. A phenomenal feat in today’s sport.

Unfortunately, this success is tainted by the fight and whistles of the public when she was declared winner against China’s Shuyin Zheng, 3rd in 2017. In fact, the British has been led all along and even in large widths (4-16) but the referee gave penalties to Zheng to finally reach the total of 10, synonymous of disqualification 48 seconds to the end of the fight.

Korea’s Bae Jun-Seo (-54 kg) did not need the help of the referee to pocket his first world title against Russia’s Popov (Rus). The young fighter continues the lead of Koreans by bringing them their 4th title, after the 3 over 3 of the 1st day with the wins of Sim Jae-Young (-46 kg), who thus retains his title, Jang Jun (-58 kg ) and Lee Da-Bin (-73 kg).

And it is obviously not finished. Today, Lee Ah-Reum (-57kg) will defend her title against two-time Olympic champion Jade Jones. The world N°1 against the World N°2. We cannot wait