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Your reference, your idol in judo ?

Kosei Inoue

Your favorite technique ?

Uchimata, because I feel excitement when I throw people.

Your training ?

I train 5 times a week in judo, and 2 times a week in bodybuilding.

What do you prefer : to be champion of Japan in +100 kg or in Open category ?

Japan Zen Nihon champion (Open category).

What does your bronze medal at the 2018 World Championships represent for you?

I am disappointed that I could not win without Teddy (Riner).

What are your ambitions at the next World championships in Tokyo?

I will try to win these 2019 Worlds, first because they take place at home, but also because I would like to grow.

In 2019, you are finalist in Paris, winner in Düsseldorf, champion of Japan in +100 kg. Do you think you have regained your shape of 2015-2016 ?

My 2018 season has been pretty good. I found my momentum again. But I think this season is going to be even more significant as I am reaping the benefits of my search for my ideal Judo.

Which style do you prefer : Teddy Riner or Guram Tushishvili ?

Teddy can throw with great precision, without necessarily creating a situation. He is a perfect fighter who knows how to make the right decisions.

Guram is a judoka who has the ability to launch an attack in any situation, and he has the stamina to perform it even if it’s in the last minute.

Are you looking forward to fight Teddy Riner again ? (only one fight lost in the 2016 Olympics final)

Yes of course !

What would be your dreamt finale of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ?

The one destiny will choose.

What is the most important for you in judo ?

It is important to set goals for yourself and then do everything you can to improve yourself to achieve them.

What does judo mean to you ? A family story ? A lifestyle ?…

My daily life.

What does it mean for you to belong to the adidas team ?

I am honored to be a member of the team of the prestigious adidas brand. For now, adidas kimonos are not yet popular in Japan, but I will do my best to be a pioneer of adidas kimonos in Japan.

Shut your eyes… Imagine… We are a week from the Tokyo Olympics. What comes to your mind ?

I think that I will be confident and that I will express in my game only what I have prepared until then. I would also have a thought for the many people who have supported me so much.