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He had not experienced defeat since the 2016 Rio Olympics, when he lost in the final. World champion in 2017, Sofiane Oumiha has since changed category (from -60 kg to -64 kg) and was playing his first major international welterweight competition. This did not prevent him from being targeted as a favorite in Minsk for the 2nd European Games (June 21-30).

Winner of Russia’s Mazur in the round of 16 (4-1), Poland’s Durkacz in the ¼ final (5-0) and Britain’s McCormack in the ½ final (5-0), the Frenchman showed himself to his advantage. But in a very close final against Armenia’s Bachkov, the 2017 European champion and 3rd of the 2017 Worlds (-64 kg), the gods of the ring were not in his favor. The judges preferred a boxer who advances to a boxer who hits with precision. Bachkov was declared winner by 3 judges against 2 (27-30, 28-29, 29-28, 29-28, 29-28). Frustrated, Sofiane Oumiha is already looking forward to be at the Sochi World championships in September to show who is the boss.